It was bound to happen. I’m addicted to logging in and checking on the status of my posts, and reading what others say. You have to log in at least bi-daily to stay up-to-date and in touch with the forum.

The conversations are interesting, and I love reading the speculations some people have about this series (Dr. Who) and where it’s going. Although, I also feel pretty out of place if I don’t remember something from 2 seasons ago and my question gets answered with an e-attitude “duh” response (image 1). But when I can share my own experience and thoughts, I feel pretty savvy 😉 (Image 2 is my speculation about the proposed topic: Will the Doctor die?)

Sorry for any classmates who have no idea what this TV series is. Ask any questions you have so you aren’t confused about my odd choice of Media Fandom to research!


Diving into the world of Slow Food.

My practicum assignment is to explore special interest groups and since I am a bit obsessed with good and fair food I am exploring the Slow Food movement in this world wide web! I have joined the Slow Food UW facebook group as well as the page and started getting aquainted with how others are interacting by posting some pictures from my Slow Food UW Cafe lunches as well as posting some information I thought other foodies would enjoy. I tried to follow suit of what the other five hundred some followers have been doing. So far I have started to realize that the Slow Food UW page seems to appear more like a discussion board which is interesting to experience.

I have also started to explore blogs that are about food and in line with the Slow Food movement. I have found that many of the various Slow Food chapters across the U.S. have well developed blogs with recipes, upcoming events and interesting articles. I have subscribed to many of these are started a reader through Google in order to have a central place for the RSS feeds of these blogs.


I am eager to continue my search for other foodies interested in the works of Slow Food and also to try some of the awesome recipes I am coming across, bon appetit!!

A New Day in Second Life

I forgot to mention in my last post that my avatar name is Tammantha (I was trying to be somewhat creative). In order to make some friends I decided to go to a location based on chatting called Bear Dream Lodge. I made two friends, one who was also a newby like myself so we started chatting. ‘Tilma’ is the newcomer and my other new friends name is ‘Dream’. In the group chat, in Bear Dream Lodge, the avatar ‘Cherry’ was very friendly and gave us tips. Then things got a but raunchy when ‘Fun Girl’ asked “any men wanna fuck with me”. I decided to check out a new destination and see what kind of avatars were in Moose Beach.

On Moose Beach I met ‘Cristole’. We had a nice conversation for a second and then he/ she? said that I looked sexy.  I was not sure what to say to that, got creeped out and signed off.

Oh the adventures of Second Life that I am slowly adapting to.


Practicum 2

I’ve been doing some more gaming on World of Warcraft and am really starting to enjoy myself. I’ve completed a number of new tasks, and even got my roommate to play with me. We played together for a while in the same world, trying to figure things out – mostly just by talking to people.  While most of them tended to avoid me and dodge my questions – apparently it’s a lot easier to be rude when your identity is anonymous – Karen made a new BFF named Fendrix, who proceeded to stalk her for the rest of the game. If was interesting to see just how into this game/desperate for friends Fendrix was. Karen would continually try and run away from her, but there she’d be, 5 seconds later, talking about her new position at work and how much she hated it. This went on for about a half an hour, when Karen decided it was more than time to log off. I can’t help but feel that a beautiful virtual friendship is forming.

Media Fandom

I signed up to be a part of SyFy.com to participate in the forums. My name 2TouchADalek, my Avatar photo of the 4th Doctor, and my signature quote of Captain Jack Harkness will all hopefully help me integrate into the community without much pushback.

The first thread I responded to was third on the list, asking if there were any new Dr. Who fans out there chatting. I responded, although this thread was already over 100 pages long, and over 4,000 responses. Now just waiting for responses! If I don’t get any bites, I’ll have to try again tomorrow night!


I looked at other threads, and many of them do not seem linked to Dr. Who at all – just general topic discussions. The people commenting appear to have background history with the other chatters. I’m betting they all know each other through using this site regularly, and don’t feel a need to talk about the proposed TV series any longer unless something exciting happens in the series.

I was pleasantly surprised when one thread I clicked had “Spoiler Alert”  signs right away. I took a screen shot 🙂



I got what I expected while browsing Myspace. As a former user, I thought it to be nostalgically amusing albeit unsettling. When I deleted my account, users were just starting to get into sparkly .gif posts on their page, as well as HTML layouts that gave theirspace a more personalized flair. I noticed that there were a LOT more girls/women then boys/men on Myspace currently, as opposed to before when I felt like my friend list was an even ratio. There was a fair amount of profiles that disclosed a lot of personal information, and there were a lot of weird sparkly icons that quoted hip-hop artists. And let’s not forget the pictures where the user’s best assets were shown off (boobs).

I could say that there is some sort of hierarchical difference between Myspace and Facebook, but in the end they’re both websites where you can put virtually anything that you feel expresses yourself. They’re both websites where you can make yourself as perfect as you want to be portrayed. They’re both venues through which narcissism is pretty socially acceptable, on some sort of level. I can’t hate on Myspace users too much, because I have a Facebook. While I can say that I like to keep in friends who are far away, I also like that I get my own online space to post pictures or communicate easily with anyone. Myspace doesn’t seem private, but Facebook started out as a college student network, and now anyone can join. Also Mark Zuckerberg supposedly owns your photos and could sell them (I’ve heard and read both sides to this, but either way, it IS personal information posted on the Internet). And pictures of really drunk people are pretty unavoidable on either site. My overall view after viewing random Myspace profiles remains the same; I feel that people have different preferences, and there are people who just feel more comfortable with one site than the other.


When I first heard about Chatroulette and went on it for the first time, I vowed I would never go on it again, for the sake of passing up one of the creepiest experiences. I had only done it once before with a couple of my friends because we thought it was hilarious to see what kind of people were on there and what they were doing and then quickly ‘next them’. This time around I tried to stay on a person for a bit, but I cannot help but press next quickly as I feel this stranger is intruding into my life and personal space. I found that many on Chatroulette were men, creepily waiting for who knows what and to do who knows what. I decided it was time to quit Chatroulette when someone messaged me “show for show?”. I know people like to interact with people on the internet via chat rooms, social websites or dating sites, but Chatroulette is not the place to make friends…at least not for me.