History of the Internet

I would have preferred this video to have been a lot more dumbed-down than it probably already was. That being said, I found it especially surprising to see what a high degree politics and the Cold War factored into the seemingly accidental discovery of the internet. Apparently good things can arise from a large amount of fear and suspicion… Another thing I noticed was the huge gap between when the internet was discovered and when we actually decided to put it to use  in the early 90s. I wonder how much further along society would be had we noticed its potential around the time it was truly new. It has probably been one of the top, if not the top, influences on our current population – spurring grandiose technological advances, the development of virtually limitless information, and an overall interconnectedness of the planet. I can’t seem to remember my life without it, though the facts seem to tell me I did at one point, and I certainly can’t imagine my life without it now.

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