History of the Internet

Today’s lecture made this video a little easier to understand. But, like some other students that posted, I had a little trouble keeping up with all of the terminology. I had no idea that the origins of the internet date back to 1957. Learning about the historiography gives me the impression that at the time, developing the internet resulted in a lot of researchers feeling like they were on the verge of something incredible. Once the distributed network was configured, the rate of developing innovations appeared to have sped up. It’s impressive how this momentum has continued throughout the past five decades; I remember trying to call my friends in elementary school on the land line in my household, but their line was busy because they were surfing the web. Now it is nearly impossible NOT to get a hold of someone. You would have to make a conscious effort – ignoring your text messages, ringing cell phone, Facebook chat windows, Skype session invitations – to escape from the hold that the technology has on us. The progression of the internet has definitely increased our accessibility, and our accessibility to it. Every year, something even better, even faster is on the market –  it’s fairly affordable and reliably entertaining or “cool”. Watching the History of the Internet video made me appreciate the people that made the internet and relevant technology so easily available to me.

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