History of the Internet

Today we don’t even think twice about sending emails, searching the web, tweeting pics, or tagging friends but as explained in “History of The Internet” 50 years ago the Internet was just an idea. Like others in the class I found myself having a hard time following everything that was being said but after watching it again I was able to come to a better understanding. In the video we learn that the launching of Sputnik 1 during the Clod War in 1957 lead to the US creating Defense Advance Research Project Agency.

After years of advancement in computer technology computers got smaller and were more easily manufactured. Similar to what was covered in lecture the video states that TCP/IP guaranteed compatibility between networks and merged them to create the Internet. I found it interesting that countries were able to work together and through network exchange create the Internet. Finally, on February 28 1990 ARPANET hardware was removed and the Internet was up and running. This video mixed a lot of technological terms with some history and after watching it a couple times I feel like I was able to grasp key points and really understand how far the Internet has came over the past 50 years.

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