Hello! I’m also Jenny, I see there’s another one of us!

I’m from Madison – born and raised. My major is Comm Arts focusing on the rhetoric side. I’m driven by interpersonal communication and a much more psychological analysis of humans. I like to learn how people tick, and how to better appease them, whether they be business customers or friends. My first thought was to major in marketing, but I enjoy the CA courses much more because they are theory based and can be applied to every-day-life, as well as career-life. I’m looking forward to understanding this course, especially since I have no academic history with TV/Radio Courses, and my entire semester is filled with internet-based curriculum.

I like to make earrings in my spare time. I created a business plan in high school and intend to carry it out. You can find my earrings on facebook, but it’s a work-in-progress since I just created it, and half of my materials are at my parents’ home. The business is called ‘Earrings By Lobe Designs’, and hopefully one day I will open on State Street!

Okay, great meeting you. Hasta luego!

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