History of the Internet

That YouTube video, however informative it may have been, was pretty hard to follow due to the fast-paced explanations and the narrator’s accent.  I found it extremely interesting, but it was definitely something you’d have to watch a couple times to fully understand what exactly they are trying to say.  They explained what we learned in lecture…the transition from ARPANET to the Internet that we know today.  I found it amazing just how much the Internet has progressed, especially since the 1990s and the start of the century.  This video was created in 2009, and even since then, so much has progressed.  We take it for granted,  but so much has gone into the backbone of what we know today as the Internet.  It has been such a huge influence on society as a whole, and has contributed large amounts to keeping in touch with others around the world.  I enjoyed learning about early systems, and the interface message processor connecting to the mainframe, showing that a small appliance connected to a bigger one, to create a whole series of networks.  My favorite part of the video was all of the illustrations and diagrams, especially the ones showing how everything is connected together.  Back in the day, knowledge was only transferred by people, but due to the Internet, we can now find it digitally at the click of a button.


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