Hi!  My name is Jessica and I’m a senior majoring in Communication Arts – Communication Science and Rhetorical Studies and receiving a Certificate in Criminal Justice.  I grew up in Blaine, MN, which is a suburb just north of Minneapolis, and come from a family of die-hard Gopher, Viking, and Twins fans.  While I am most certainly a Twins fan,I’ve never been a Gopher or Vikings fan; I am proud to say I cheer only for the Badgers and Packers!  Besides sports, I enjoy relaxing on the Terrace, being with my friends and family, teaching at high school summer dance camps, and soaking in as much sun as I can before the weather gets too cold.  I also have a large bucket list of things to do before I leave Madison.

I am really excited to take this class, because along with everyone else, I use the Internet for just about everything.  I think it will be really interesting to find out how it impacts society and has caused drastic changes in the way our world functions on a day-to-day basis.


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