participation 2

Although certain points of the video overwhelmed me with copious amounts of new terminology that I felt consumed and confused by, I did take away a few lessons about technology and the internet. I was shocked by the fact that computers and the very basic concept for the internet began in the 1950s. This reinforces the point that the internet didn’t come out of thin air or one idea. It has been a process in which different ideas and notions have evolved throughout time to get to the point we are at today. It is also interesting to note how technology, like the internet , required manual programming by specialists. Today, many decades later, engineers, scientists, and other geniuses have been able to improve and dumb down technology so much that the three year old girl I babysit is able to navigate the internet with ease. I also found it fascinating that one of the main reasons the internet was forced to become decentralized was because of the discovery of missiles in Cuba, which could have easily targeted networks and destroyed them all. Overall, todays class gave me a deeper understanding of how the internet works rather than this video because the pace was too fast.

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