Introduction- Hello!

Hello class! My name is Jessica Seyferth and am a 5th year senior (nothing wrong with going an extra lap!) I am originally am from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where both my parents, brother, uncle and cousins attended… so I am a but of a traitor.  I played tennis the past four years here for the University and now that I am ‘retired’ I am enjoying doing all the things in Madison I have missed out on, including going to the farmer’s market,  going out on week nights and never missing a badger football game!

I am a communication arts major and plan on going into advertising account management or sports administration. I love to travel so when I graduate I hope to visit my twin brother in France, and then travel around Europe a bit before I enter the full time working world.

I am excited to take this class because it is unlike any other class I have taken before. Like everyone else I use the internet everyday and have taken it for granted and never looked at it critically. I know I will learn a lot from this class and do things I have never done before, like this first blog entry ever!

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