Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late introduction… I was added to this class last week off the wait list and am so glad I’m now able to take Com 346! I’ve only heard good things.

My name is Ariel Barron and I’m from downtown Chicago, Illinois. I’m a senior majoring in Communication Arts and I hope to pursue a future career in public relations. I’m also studying to receive my real estate license as a possible career option as well.

I’ve spent the last two summers in Manhattan, New York interning in PR. My first internship was for designer Jennifer Behr and my second for Industry Publicity, a small fashion PR firm in Soho. A lot of what I did for them focused around updating their social media networks, so I’m excited to learn more about the history of the internet and how these networks came to be. I also just spent last semester away from my beloved Madison in Rome with a few of my closest friends.

I watch way too much TV, love to go on long runs, and spend an excessive amount of time online shopping without actually buying anything. One of my favorite foods is fro-yo, as any of my friends could tell you and when I’m not hanging with my 6 or 7 best friends at school, I love to be home with my mom, dad, brother, and dog- Links.

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