Participation 2

Sorry for the late response… I was late in joining the class after being accepted off the wait list last week. I just finished catching up on the readings!

After watching the YouTube video, History of the Internet, I was left with a lot of technical questions. While I thought it was very interesting how much the internet has grown over the years– and how different it used to be– this video was a little hard for me to understand because of all the references to technology. I couldn’t help but get lost in the abbreviations from the ARPANET  to the IMP subnet to the NCP… it was really difficult to keep the chronological order of these changes straight. Because I was trying to remember which one came first, it was also hard to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture was that the internet hoped to move form sharing and passing knowledge through people to sharing and passing knowledge through computes. I felt that the illustrations were very helpful but they moved far to fast to really comprehend. Maybe because my mind does not work technologically in this way but I had to stop and pause the video numerous times to try and wrap my head around what they were explaining to me. Still, it was very interesting to see how much the internet could grow over the course of ten or so years.

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