Chat Roulette… A perv’s dream

A couple years ago I checked out chat roulette because all of my friends talked about how funny it was to chat with strangers and make fun of them ( especially when your drunk).  We frequented the site whenever we pregamed as a source of amusement and everytime tried to come up with something more ridiculous to do because we were in the comfort of our apartments and nothing really would come of it.  For the most part it was fun and harmless because most people at the other end were doing the same.  However, as you clicked next to move onto the next chat participant it became a common theme for dudes to expose themselves or asking girls to return the favor with elaborate signs.  We stopped making chat roulette a staple of pregames because it became a little too awkward.

After my hiatus on chat roulette I decided to check it out today to see if things have changed.  While the site seemed to have tamed down a bit in the 5 minutes I participated, it still featured many tweens (seemingly sitting in their dark room hiding from parents) and many older shirtless men (seeminlgy looking for some action).  I do believe that chat roulette is meant to be fun but it just seems like a perfect opportunity for perverts to do what they do without worrying about being caught.  The site is not meant to build genuine relationships and, instead, serves as a platform for anyone to act impulsively without worrying about consequences.  I do not believe the site can be utilized to help participants like support group websites, nor is it a professional networking site.  While most times the site is a harmless and fun internet past-time, it is capable of doing harm especially to minors who may come face-to-face with a 65 year old man participating in his “past-time” in the middle of the night.

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