Chatroulette is Creepy

My experience with Chatroulette was a different one. In the five minutes I was on it I saw about 10 people and attempted to chat with 2 or 3 before it just creped me out. Maybe it’s an age thing. I know my little brother and his friends spend like hours on it randomly just messing around like high school kids do sometimes. All I know is it is for sure not for me.

I’ve heard some Chatroulette “horror stories”, if you will, from my brother and his friends, luckily my experience was not that dramatic. I’ve also read some other classmates experience with it and was not looking forward to checking it out. I would click and some random person would pop up on my screen. A couple of times I couldn’t understand what the other person was saying. On one hand I can see why people may like it because of the surprise element. On the other hand I’m sure there are a lot of people out there bringing a lot of x-rate content and that is a little scary. Overall, it was a different experience that I probably wouldn’t try again. However, it is kind of interesting to think that there is website  like this that pairs you with a person that could be on the other side of the world and that so many people are interested it something like this.

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