Chatroulette scares me

I chose to check out Chatroulette for this blog post since I have been on the site before.  The last time and the only time that I was on the site, was about two years ago with my roommates freshman year.

Seeing the site again made me realize why I never went back.  The whole prospect of chatting with someone/seeing people that you do not know creeps me out.  I get the appeal of meeting interesting (mostly strange) new people, but for me, it just made me uneasy.  Being that the first time I visited the site I was unfortunate enough to have an older man flash my friends and I, I was actually pretty nervous that I would see something inappropriate again round 2.

Fortunately, this time on Chatroulette I was spared the nudity, and I mostly just had 2 second conversations with other people. It was a very short conversation consisting of “Hi what’s your name” and I surprisingly wasn’t the one who exed out of the chat a lot of the time.  I thought I would experience creepy groups of people and immediately get turned off from the chat, but they seemed to be turned off from me.  Perhaps once they saw that I wasn’t a group of guys throwing back some beers, or a couple of giggling teenage girls, or a perverted older man, they were not very interested in talking to me.

All in all, I do understand the appeal of Chatroulette as a one-time deal, just to see what all the hype is about.  But as far as being a persistent user of the site, I’m not sure I could handle that.  The site was probably intended for g-rated content, and meeting new people through a different means than what was previous available on the internet.  Unfortunately, it has gone to a different, sometimes r-rated, creepy place.  I do not intend to return!

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