I was really excited to see what exactly I-Dosing was and how I could give it a try myself. Apparently, I-Dosing is a new trend amid kids online wanting to get “high” off of audio sound waves. The “music” is typically loud and consists of a two-tone technique that allegedly alters brain waves, creating a sense of induced awareness. For a more technical description on how this binaural mix creates this sensation through different frequencies, refer to Mike’s post, 2 posts below this one.

There is the foundation for I-Dosing. Now the next part was to explore it’s effects for myself. I went to YouTube and found a video called “Gate of Hades,” one of the more well-known I-dosing videos. Part one of the video was 15 minutes long, so naturally I didn’t stick around for the entire show. This may have reduced the effects of this music, but I doubt it, for I felt virtually nothing after sampling the video. Perhaps I am high while typing this now, but I would definitely need some convincing. Arguably, I felt a sense of hyper-awareness after listening, but I would compare this feeling to the emotions felt after listening to a dissonant, contemporary classical work. After sitting for an extended period of time, trying to focus all of your attention on something that you would normally avoid listening to, you feel a different sentiment than you would feel on a normal basis.

I would agree that parents have a legitimate concern if their kids are experimenting with this new phenomenon, but the issue isn’t so much with I-Dosing as as it is with what I-Dosing represents. If your kid is looking to get high, this might be something you would want to address as a parent, as it could obviously lead to an actual addiction to an actual drug. Overall, I have come to the conclusion that I-Dosing is harmless, and I wish I could say I was surprised. People freak out with any mention of children getting “high,” and since the older generation is less tech-saavy, they tend to fear anything on the internet. Combine these two things, and you have a recipe for overreaction.

One Comment on “I-Dosing”

  1. ashglowinski says:

    I tried out I-Doing as well. It was pretty interesting.I agree with you, this trend does seem harmless. I think that it can actually be a good thing in a way. If kids are satisfied with the “high” they get from I-Dosing then perhaps they won’t need to turn to actual drugs like cocaine, etc. What is represents does seem troubling but a “digital drug” is totally better than an actual drug.

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