I-Dosing…to be concerned, or not concerned?

Just like most people, I had MySpace way back in the day, so I know how it used to be and how it has evolved into something not used by many people anymore. From my guy friends, I have heard all about Chatroulette, so, needless to say, I didn’t really feel like engaging with random people on the website and possibly running into some X-rated material (and I’m also currently in the library, so I have a feeling it would’ve been extremely awkward for anyone who happened to gaze over at my computer to see I was on Chatroulette).  What’s left? Of course, that leaves I-Dosing.  I wanted to see what it was all about, since up until Section last week, I had never heard anything about it.

I started off Google-ing the term, and came across a news video titled, “Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Warning Parents About I-Dosing.” It discussed parent’s concerns about their children and the evolution of I-Dosing throughout society.  I happen to think that they have an irrational concern.  I am not someone who has ever heard of this term before, so this is all going off of my gained knowledge from tonight, but I feel that possibly it is a generational thing.  The generation of current parents did not grow up with the technology that we have today, so anything “out of the ordinary” like I-Dosing which claims to “make people high” and “simulate drug use” from different frequencies and digital sounds absolutely scares adults to no end.  The idea that technology and noise can do what I-Dosing claims it does makes worried parents react in a way which seems concerning.

I listened to a few videos tonight, which consisted of different pitches and levels of noise, and if anything, it reminded me of an airplane taking off from the runway, or a calming ocean.  It did not seem like anything around me was changing, I was just clued in to how annoying it was, and spent my thoughts wishing it would stop.  The YouTube videos of the reactions of teens portrayed an image that I-Dosing actually works, and I beg to differ.  Curious teenagers want to experience this phenomenon, and in all honesty, its for nothing…I-Dosing, in my opinion, does absolutely nothing.

I was actually listening to the “Gates of Hades” I-Dosing video while writing this blog entry, since I saw in someone else’s post that was a common one, and I didn’t come across it in my studies…just like all of the others, it has not phased me at all (and now it’s even sounding like an annoying, moving train, which is making me laugh, but that’s just me and my imagination I guess).  You know how after you go into an ocean you feel like you’re in waves hours later, where you can literally feel it after the fact?  I thought that was what I-Dosing would be like.  It wasn’t at all.


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