iDid some iDosing

I suppose in an age when technology changes so quickly it can be frightening. I do remember my friends not being allowed to go to chat rooms and secretly doing it anyway behind their parents backs. I was always afraid of chat rooms myself because you never know who you are talking to. These different technopanics do make sense to me. I have been on chatroulette before and saw my fair share of body parts I did not care to see. I also think that myspace can be dangerous. Many people do post information that can compromise their privacy as the Marwick article suggests. I had not heard of iDosing prior to this assignment but I so think that it is worth worrying about if a kid is looking to get any sort of “high”. Because¬† I did not know much about iDosing I decided to check it out for myself.

An article I read about iDosing explained that there are slightly different frequencies in each ear that can alter brain waves. The article suggested that the placebo effect is in place here and that perhaps these kids are just feeling high because they think that this music will give them a high. After listening to some for myself I think I agree.

I found a short video on YouTube called 3rd Eye. The description on the video read “This is an advanced iDose. The audio is designed to be awaken your third eye (shakra). If you listen to this with headphones and your eyes closed, you WILL experience what is commonly known as an “iDose”. It is completely harmless, and strictly for meditative purposes only.” After listening I read some of the comments on the video and many of the comments said it was scary. I have to agree. I listed to few other “iDose” videos and they all sound creepy to me. The 3rd Eye one definitely freaked me out a little. I was trying to close my eyes while listening to it but I kept opening my eyes to make sure everything around me was alright. I do not feel “high” but it can give you some kind of rush, I suppose the same way a haunted house or scary movie would. That being said, many parents allow their children to see scary movies. I do not see this as being much different. There is a problem, however, with kids looking to get high. But, if this iDosing satisfied that desire and prevents them from seeking drugs, perhaps it is a good thing.


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