Practicum 2

I’ve been doing some more gaming on World of Warcraft and am really starting to enjoy myself. I’ve completed a number of new tasks, and even got my roommate to play with me. We played together for a while in the same world, trying to figure things out – mostly just by talking to people.  While most of them tended to avoid me and dodge my questions – apparently it’s a lot easier to be rude when your identity is anonymous – Karen made a new BFF named Fendrix, who proceeded to stalk her for the rest of the game. If was interesting to see just how into this game/desperate for friends Fendrix was. Karen would continually try and run away from her, but there she’d be, 5 seconds later, talking about her new position at work and how much she hated it. This went on for about a half an hour, when Karen decided it was more than time to log off. I can’t help but feel that a beautiful virtual friendship is forming.

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