A New Day in Second Life

I forgot to mention in my last post that my avatar name is Tammantha (I was trying to be somewhat creative). In order to make some friends I decided to go to a location based on chatting called Bear Dream Lodge. I made two friends, one who was also a newby like myself so we started chatting. ‘Tilma’ is the newcomer and my other new friends name is ‘Dream’. In the group chat, in Bear Dream Lodge, the avatar ‘Cherry’ was very friendly and gave us tips. Then things got a but raunchy when ‘Fun Girl’ asked “any men wanna fuck with me”. I decided to check out a new destination and see what kind of avatars were in Moose Beach.

On Moose Beach I met ‘Cristole’. We had a nice conversation for a second and then he/ she? said that I looked sexy.  I was not sure what to say to that, got creeped out and signed off.

Oh the adventures of Second Life that I am slowly adapting to.


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