It was bound to happen. I’m addicted to logging in and checking on the status of my posts, and reading what others say. You have to log in at least bi-daily to stay up-to-date and in touch with the forum.

The conversations are interesting, and I love reading the speculations some people have about this series (Dr. Who) and where it’s going. Although, I also feel pretty out of place if I don’t remember something from 2 seasons ago and my question gets answered with an e-attitude “duh” response (image 1). But when I can share my own experience and thoughts, I feel pretty savvy 😉 (Image 2 is my speculation about the proposed topic: Will the Doctor die?)

Sorry for any classmates who have no idea what this TV series is. Ask any questions you have so you aren’t confused about my odd choice of Media Fandom to research!


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