What’s Postsecret??

The Postsecret community was started by Frank Warren. About 5 years ago, Frank passed out postcards to strangers and asked them to decorate the cards with a personal secret. Now, Frank receives thousands of postcards a week with various secrets. He has published three books of compilations of secrets and frequently travels to speak with university students about his project. Frank posts new secrets to his blog (postsecret.com) every Sunday. Additionally, there is a website (postsecretcommunity.com) where individuals can post on the discussion boards with questions or comments regarding the Postsecret website, their feelings regarding a postsecret, and respond to various topics brought up through the site. I have recently joined the postsecretcommunity.com blog and for my first blog post, I responded to the question, “Why do you love Postsecret?”

A few weeks age, Postsecret launched an iPhone app! This app allows individuals to post secrets straight from their iPhones. The secrets are categorized by popularity and by location (so by zooming into a map, I can check what secrets have been posted in Madison, WI). After reading someone’s secret, you have the opportunity to reply to the secret or to “heart” the secret, similar to “liking” something on Facebook. Below are a few of my favorite secrets from the app…

I plan to compare & contrast the way that individuals in the Postsecret community communicate with each other through the blog, discussion board, and iPhone app. I will also pay attention to Frank’s efforts to facilitate the community through his twitter and Facebook page devoted to Postsecret.

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