Two or Three Tumblrs? You can choose!

This week while playing around on Tumblr and experimenting a little more, I discovered that you can have more than one tumblr under each account. The first tumblr created under the account name remains as the primary tumblr, and you can not make another tumblr the primary one. However, it allows you to have as many Tumblr pages as you want and I did not have to follow more people from each separate one. As you can see below, Tumblr has a dropbox button of all the tumblr pages I’ve made in one place so I can easily pick and chose which one I want to add to or update.

There in the drop down menu are three very different tumblrs I’ve created to show how this can be done. The first is called Home Sweet Rome (where I went abroad), the second is DIY apple Chai (as I’ve mentioned before in previous posts) and the third is a new one titled Beauty and the Badger. I tried to be creative with the tumblr page names in order to attract more followers to my page… don’t know how clever I actually am but I tried! This new tumblr is one I’ve been working on the past week in order to experiment with creating numerous tumblr pages under one account name. This tumblr is made up of pictures I’ve found and taken of friends in different badger attire, some very cool and others a little weird. With each post I’ve added a picture and short caption which is the purpose of tumblr and microblogging. This type of  page is perfect for tumblr’s overall purpose because tumblr is used as a way to upload pictures with very short, brief messages and since there isn’t much to be said about each picture I’ve uploaded, tumblr serves this type of blogging very well. There is also a “create new blog” button for easily creating a new tumblr page in seconds. And because a lot of the people I would want to follow on tumblr I’m already following on my other pages, it’s so nice that my followers, and those that I’m following transfer over.

Because I’ve already created a tumblr page, making a new one was so easy and it took only a few minutes to customize the appearance of my page when the first one had taken me much longer due to the fact I was fairly new to tumblr. To the left are the settings of my page where I can update the page’s appearance, tagline, title, and color. If I want to change something on the page that is not already offered to me, I can click “edit HTML” and much like the creation of a website, I can edit the codes to change the page’s appearance as I please. However, in order to do this you need to know a lot about the necessary codes needed to create a webpage in the first place, which is why it’s really helpful that tumblr offers a way to change the page faster without needed any previous knowledge of web page design.

Here is the link to my new tumblr page if you want to check it out!!

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