Post # 3: Social Networking Presentation Tomorrow!

Hello class!

Tomorrow in discussion I will be presenting my practicum project on Social Networks and the progress that I have made on LinkedIn, Google+ and MySpace.  I have continued to make more headway everyday on all three sites and tomorrow you will get to see several images of the people I have made connections with, the groups I follow, and the main purposes that I use the sites for.  I will also give background on why the sites were created, the setbacks I’ve encountered while using them, and which sites I personally enjoy using the most.  My partner Elissa has worked extremely hard on creating her own personal homepage and we will also spend time discussing her accomplishments as well, which I’m sure everyone will enjoy.  Lastly, we will wrap up our presentation by showing how our sites relate and differ in a few ways, and this part of the presentation will be the most interesting.

My question to think about it is:

Are any of you members of LinkedIn, MySpace and/or Google+?  If so, which site do you find the most useful and why? If not, what are some other social networking sites other than Facebook and Twitter that you enjoy using?

See everyone tomorrow!

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