Tumblr Presentation Tomorrow: Practicum Post 4

Hi guys!!

So as you all know, tomorrow is my Practicum Presentation on microblogging, and specifically Tumblr. There are some things I will be talking about tomorrow besides the basics. Mostly, I want to focus on the ways Microblogging has emerged as a combination of previous social networking sites, and I will be addressing how these things are both beneficial and not-so-beneficial in achieving its purpose. While tumblr includes some blog qualities mixed with usual microblogging qualities, there is no doubt that tumblr has its flaws… despite the fact that it is a hybrid of popular sites that have succeeded before it. I will also talk about the various options tumblr provides/the numerous opportunities it offers for users to create multiple tumblr pages of different genres, interests, and themes and how tumblr allows for users to easily alter and update their page’s designs. My presentation partners are going to be discussing Twitter and Flickr, which worked out perfectly because tumblr fits perfectly in between those two sites as a combination of both. The question that I want to ask the class is: Do you think that microblogging and social networking sites such as Tumblr, that mix short timely messages (twitter) with photo updates (Flickr) is an effective new form of web 2.0 CMC? Or does the fact that Tumblr operates through the use of a fast-paced environment of content make it hard for users such as businesses and brands to adopt the site as an alternative blog form when sites like Facebook and Twitter have been adopted as key forms of social media in the business world?

See you all tomorrow and remember to wish a Happy Birthday to Elissa Alster who is turning 22, October 12th!!

Ariel Barron

One Comment on “Tumblr Presentation Tomorrow: Practicum Post 4”

  1. stephwez says:

    I thought we had a pretty good presentation between the three of us! I found it really interesting how to use Tumblr, since I have never had one before. It was cool how we found similarities and differences between the three social networking sites, whether it was Microblogging or Media-Based Social Networking. It’s awesome how the WWW today is expanding to let us use programs like this.

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