foursquare–a technopanic?

As I continue to utalize the foursquare app on my phone I have come accross some interesting information. Here is the back story (and some proof that I have gotten slightly addicted to foursquare)

I was at Denny’s on the east side with some friends and, being the Mayor, of course I wanted to check in to continue my awesome mayorship. I dug through my purse only to realize I had left my phone at home. I was super upset that I couldn’t check in (I almost wanted to go get it quick and come back just so I could check in). My boyfriend gave me his phone and we tried to figure out a way to log into my foursquare so I could check in but we had no luck. That’s when the friend sitting across from me told me about This website talks about the dangers of over-sharing. It states that by checking in you are making it easier for the robbers to steal from you because they know you are not home. You can check it out here:

In the article we all read by Alice Marwick, she discusses a “techopanic” as having these charactoristics: focusing on new media forms, pathologizing young people’s use of media,  and an overall manifest of anxiety that leads to an attempt to regulate or modify young people’s behavior. I think that does show that foursquare can be considered a technopanic. Locative services are a newer thing and this website talks about how people that check in to various locations are inviting break-ins into their homes. I also think that this website is attempting to regulate behavior by talking about the dangers of over-sharing. 

Personally, I do not really think that foursquare, saying where you are on Twitter, or other locative services poses a threat to anyone.  I did some playing around and typed in random  names of people on foursquare and it would not tell me where anyone them were at that exact moment or even when they had checked in last. In fact, I discovered that a lot of people had not checked in anywhere in the last 7 days. I have many friends who  check in litterally everywhere they go, but I think this app may be dying off much like myspace as a social networking site.

Well, that was a little bit about my foursquare adventures. Time to do some grocery shopping, so I will be checking into HyVee (try not to rob me while I am gone). Search for my name if anyone wants to be my foursquare friend 🙂

One Comment on “foursquare–a technopanic?”

  1. abernstein2 says:

    I completely agree with you on the aspect that these practicum projects are starting to get a bit addicting! FourSquare is such an interesting concept because you become aware of every place or service that are you partaking in. I think it is a good thing that FourSquare didn’t allow you to find out where specific people were at a given time. To me, that would be a bit scary. I think its cool to see where people are going but if people are aware of where you are at all times that would be a bit invasive. It’s nice that you have gotten an attachment to FourSquare, it really puts you in the position of using this type of technology that you might have not participated in otherwise. Keep up the good work! I am interested to hear more about your adventures.

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