Google Yourself

I decided to get a head start on my blog posts since I honestly have nothing better to do this week. So, blog 4 has to do with Googling yourself and seeing what you “do (or don’t) find.” The first link I retrieved was for my Facebook, disclosing basic information that I really don’t mind sharing. The rest were searches for people by the name of “David Pierringer” who were, in fact, not me. A couple links brought me to my uncle’s (same name) business, but other than that, I’m unaware of who or what the other links are referring to.

I also decided to Bing my name and found an actual summary of my Facebook, giving away where I’m from, what I’m studying, and even providing a picture. This worries me a little bit… Overall, I really don’t know how to feel about this blog assignment. I’m torn between wanting to have my information out there, as it can make things easier, and wanting to keep certain things under wraps. While I think the information provided is innocuous enough, I can’t help but feel like my privacy is being violated.

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