“Reblog,” “Likes” and the Greater Tumblr Community

After such a tragic loss and horrific ending to the Michigan State vs. Wisconsin football game on Saturday night, I took to my tumblr page, Beauty and the Badger, to release some of the anger I felt towards the situation. In doing so, I decided it was time to try something I have not yet experimented with on tumblr. In my despair I started searching Wisconsin football in the search section of tumblr and found “tags” and “categories” of people’s tumblr pages on the subject . Whether it was just one post mentioning the amazing badgers or a tumblr page also dedicated to them, a list of people who had just posted about the game popped up instantly. As I scrolled through the good and bad posts, I found the people who praised Wisconsin for their effort, and posted pictures of the game or Russel Wilson captioning them in ways that expressed their love for the team. So excited to have found fellow supporters, I used the “reblog” button to post their post on my tumblr page. I captioned theirs with my own title and all of the comments/likes that people had pressed on the post followed along with it. This was a feature I had not yet used because I had never found a reason to reblog somebody else’s post on my own tumblr page until now. When I realized there were others out there just as upset as me on tumblr, I had a reason to post their thoughts on my own page. Then I realized that this is exactly what a lot of internet activities are about, forming a community of common interests and followers as Watson has mentioned before. Here is one of the posts I reblogged of a girl who took to her own tumblr page to express her love for the almighty badgers! It was great I could show her that I agree, support her post, and appreciate her love for the badgers by reblogging her post on my own!

One Comment on ““Reblog,” “Likes” and the Greater Tumblr Community”

  1. ealster says:

    That is SO true. Firstly, my father will be thrilled to see that he has made you Tumblr page. That game was a tough loss and it is comforting to hear what others have to say about it. In regards to forming a community of common interests online, I know that once I graduate, I am going to be looking on the same tumblr pages of these Wisconsin fans to make me feel a part of the community unity that I never want to lose. With your tumblr page along with all of these other tumblr pages that you mentioned and with the internet, we can always be a part of it, as you write your own posts and I continue to read them and tell you feedback. Also, as you explain the process of finding other tumblr’s of your interest, I realize that finding these tumblr pages of other people is an easy and fast search! I have never used Tumblr before going onto your page, so thank you for opening up a new community to me online! I look forward to seeing more posts about Wisco and your fashion finds! I love the fanny pack find picture and the converse one as well, great observations!

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