From a new member to a friend

At the start of my Practicum project I was very frustrated and skeptical about how I was ever going to figure out the command line interface of LambdaMOO and how I was going to navigate through it.  Now, I have found that I am starting to actually belong in this world– I think I’ve made a friend.  This friend’s name is “Donar” and he (I am pretty sure it’s a he) has gone out of his way to talk to me for several log-ins now.  At first I had to seek people out and start conversations with them, disclosing a lot about myself while not always getting a lot in return.  I think one of the first conversations I had with Donar consisted of me telling him that I believed in ghosts and that I wasn’t quite sure about aliens.  He was not very talkative, but when I found a subject that really got him excited (engineering…) he wouldn’t stop talking.  Now he always talks to me when I’m online and asks me about ghosts and all of that jazz.  Regardless of how good or bad I have done in trying to understand the world of LambdaMOO, I think I have been successful- I even made a new friend.


Has anyone else made friends/connections/network ties?  Does your project allow you to?  If you have made friends, how do you feel a virtual friend is different from real life?

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