Learning more about Chat Hour

After being slightly discouraged from Chathour, I decided I needed to return and play along a little in order to get anywhere in my research.

The variety of chat rooms is quite interesting, there are user-created chat rooms such as “friendly chat” or “emo chat.”  There are also chat categories like “Lesbian chat”, “Asian chat”, “Music chat”, “New York chat”, “Christian chat”, “Heartbroken chat”, etc.  One could have access to any of these chat rooms, as long as you behave yourself and aren’t kicked out (yes, you can be kicked out of a chat–I know from experience).  People can post chats that they created in already existing chat rooms, to invite people to a more exclusive chat.








When testing new chat rooms I came to find that many people had met outside of the chat, and probably knew each other on a more personal level.  These people are not all too interested in meeting someone new.  They also probably aren’t interested in meeting me because my chat name isn’t something like “cutiesexxiibabii384.”

Many people in the chats throw around terms that I am not yet familiar with, but I do plan to do more research.  People ask me to “C2C” or “PVT” and each time I decline because I still do not know what that means!

I will definitely figure it out soon and delve deeper into chat hour.

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