Googling Myself

When I searched for “Jenny Weeden” on Google, the first thing that came up was my Facebook page…big surprise.  The next couple of results were other different social networking sites that I had never heard of before with a user named Jenny Weeden.  A couple other results were yellowpages type sites that found people with my name in Mississippi and the US.  There was a link to a site with a press release kind of thing that was talking about a girl from the military with my name.  The next link was to a blog site (The Hospital Word Press) that has a short story I’ve written on it, and after that, a press release from when I was a senior in high school about a scholarship I received.  The final two links were college related- one from a social network called campus buddy that I forgot I even had an account on, and another social network type site that I know for a fact I haven’t signed up for, and has information about me that I wasn’t even aware I had shared.

I was really surprised I actually showed up on the Google search, but even more surprised that the final site on the first page of search results has information about my college extra-curricular and other things that I just generally don’t talk about that much.  It really creeps me out that this profile exists and I will definitely be doing some research to make sure that my identity is not being compromised.

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