Go Ahead and Google Me!

When I went to Google myself, I was surprised to find there was nothing interesting that I could find about myself (can’t figure out if that is a good or bad thing). The only thing I could find when I Googled my name was a page that linked back to my LinkedIn page – No Fun! I actually do remember though a few years ago I did Google myself when I heard that potential jobs could search for me. I saw that there were pictures from high school my friend had posted on Snapfish or one of those picture sites, and I made sure to have her take those down. It is kind of scary that there can be some bad things out there (pictures, stories, etc) that anyone can access. My dad always told me that the internet is “ink” and could never be erased. I feel comfortable that there is nothing out there on the internet that could be incriminating in my job search…so far.

One Comment on “Go Ahead and Google Me!”

  1. melissacooper7 says:

    Alyssa, I definitely agree that the internet is so scary when it comes to searching for jobs! I always wonder if there is a picture of me or anything else that could be posted somewhere without me being aware of it! My LinkedIn page was also the first and only thing that I found while googling myself as well I wonder why this is so? I am relieved that my Facebook page did not show up even though I have my privacy settings set it is still so scary how much people can find out about you just from looking at a profile picture.

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