Updating Wiki on LambdaMOO

The Wikipedia entry for LambdaMOO had a lot of information about the site outside of actually using the site, so I found it sort of hard at first to incorporate any information into the set categories they had.  I was going to try and create a new category called “Commands” and list the different types of commands used on the MOO, but then Wiki editing uses some code that I didn’t want to mess up.

I changed/added to things to the entry, however.  The first change I made is highlighted below.  The original sentence said after jumping off the world that it would disable your account for “an amount of time.”  Having actually almost jumped off the world, I knew this amount of time was three months, so I made the changes.

Another addition I made is also below.  The Wiki entry talked about the original geography of the MOO, but not any current geography, so I added in a sentence with this information and an “@ command” that allowed me to show some knowledge of how to use commands in the MOO, too.

I think it was actually sort of cool to be able to change the Wiki page.  It’s something that so many people look at, and if even one of my changes stays I think that would be really cool.

One Comment on “Updating Wiki on LambdaMOO”

  1. abernstein2 says:

    I think your additions to Wikipedia are definitely helpful for those who are using it as a source of information. I think Wikipedia is such a great place to find all sorts of information and I especially appreciate how anyone can add their input on a specific subject directly to the website. It’s pretty cool that your additions are on the website for everybody to see! I am having trouble on where I will edit for my practicum topic, but seeing how simple an addition can be definitely helps me to figure out what information i can add! It’s also great to see your experience with the website and how you are knowledgeable enough at this point to know all of the information – you are now a LambdaMoo Expert!! Well done on your Wiki edit.

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