Google knows a lot about me!

Hmmm….Well let’s attempt to write this post for the 4th time. I tried to add a screen shot of my google results but it resulted in a blank post. I tried it again with the screen shot as the last thing I pasted in and that did not work…and I won’t even mention the other issues I have had. Anyway….on the the important stuff!

When my boyfriend and I first started dating he googled me. We use google to gain new information about things we are curious about, right? It is a great tool, but I was surprised at how much information about me was available and how accurate it was.

I googled “Ashley Glowinski” and the top three results had nothing to do with me. The first one was a LinkedIn profile, the second a facebook page that was not mine, and the third was a link to a portfolio of some Ashley Glowinski in NJ. The fourth and fifth results did have to do with me, however. The fourth was a link to an article I had written for the Daily Cardinal and the fifth result was a link to the scholarships I had received my senior year at the high school I attended. I thought that this was positive info that I would welcome future job employers to find. As I clicked through the next pages I found links about the cheerleading organization I was a part of the past three years and a link to the tweet I had made about how amazing Danny always looks.There was also a link called “I love Ashley Glowinski” and it said “My Favorite things about Ashley. She is Beautiful; She is the Smartest; She is Incredibly Funny.” This all seemed incredible accurate so I assume one of my admirers posted it. Laugh Out Loud! Just Kidding!!

There were a few links I found that were a little scary. There was one called that accurately listed all the cities I have lived in and another site that knew my parents names. This is nothing too terrible, many people have information like that listed on their facebook pages. I guess I was just overwhelmed at how much information was available about me even though I found most of it to be positive.

I also did an image search for “Ashley Glowinski” and I saw a lot of pictures of that NJ Ashley but there were also many pictures of me from my old myspace page and some recent ones from facebook. I had loaded those pictures thinking only friends would see them and now here they are on google available for almost anyone to see. There were also images from the Daily Cardinal articles I had written and pictures from my cheer squad. The best picture that came up was the one of Danny eating an invisible sandwich. Did anyone else get that on their image results? I thought it was awesome!

Overall I do not think there is any bad information about me on google, just a surprisingly wide variety of my activities. Someone who looks at this could paint a fairly accurate picture of my life. There may be confusion with the other Ashley Glowinskis though so someone searching for me may think that their information is mine, and vice versa. The amount of information available in the internet is interesting.





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