What the web had to say about me…

As these weeks discussion assignment we were instructed to search ourselves via Google. I was not that eager to find out because I thought I knew what I would find. I have a food blog, All Hail Honeybees, that came up many times when I searched myself in the past out of pure boredom. However, I was actually quite surprised and even a little creeped out by what I came across.

The first part of the page was all various social networks, my Google + profile, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Picasa, etc. Halfway down the page I came across mylife.com which had my name and hometown listed. I tried viewing the actual page but needed to set up an account in order to see it, I didn’t do this because from what I could see it seemed like generic information but someone added to my name. Next up for being bizarre was a post on a yoga website explaining an injury I had a few months ago. I believe my mother had posted it in order to find out more information about the injury but it was interesting to see something like this pop up. This also made me realize that absolutely everything I have done on the internet was documented, and available!!

Six pages into Google search I was still finding things pop up about my name and blog, All Hail Honeybees. One pleasant surprise was a blog from a girl in my sorority giving a review on my blog and how my tweets about food made her continue to enjoy my tweets and posts about food. It was very sweet and made me realize that people were reading and enjoying what I had been disseminating into the world wide web.

All in all this was an interesting experience that made me want to check up on myself more often as well as watch out for what is being talked about.


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