Did you mean: ariel baron?

So today I Googled myself. The second I pressed enter after typing in Ariel Barron, Google asked me if I meant Ariel Baron instead of Barron. Apparently Ariel Baron and Ariel Barron-Robbins are more popular google names than my own, as Ariel Baron-Robbins is a freelance artist with artwork all over the web. The first few site results consisted of my own social media/ microblogging site links: Ariel Barron | Facebook, Ariel Barron | LinkedIn, Ariel Barron (@ArielJordyn) on Twitter.

I was not surprised to find that the only websites google had on me and my actual real name are the sites that I most typically use. I was surprised however that there are not more Ariel Barron links to facebook, twitter, and linkedin besides my own! I would think there are more popular people out there with my name who use those forms of social media. I also found myself on a classmates.com link to my middle school, BZAEDS, even though I’ve never created an account for that site before. Similarly Amazon.com had some link to my account with them that was not accessible without password thankfully. After moving to the second page, my name became more further and further from my own. There were articles on people such as Elissa Barron or Antonio Ariel-Baron and so on. Someone with my same name is even a Track and Field champion in Salem, Oregon in 2009 and those kinds of results went on for pages with the articles on people with my  name who are obviously not me.

However, the assignment did not specify whether the google search should be limited to the web, so I decided to take the research further and click on the other google options such as images, videos, maps, news… and found nothing on myself. Only links to people with some version of my name that have done much more interesting things than myself. I’m most happy that there is nothing out there on the web that could hurt me if I were to be googled by a future employer.


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