So today I Googled myself hoping something unique would come up but as suspected it was pretty much that same as everyone else is saying (not that facebook and twitter aren’t cool!) Sad to admit but I’m pretty sure I have googled myself before when I was younger. Now being older there are a few links that actually have to do with me and not just someone else somewhere around the world that has the same name as me. At the top of the list was my facebook account, followed by my Googl+ account (that I don’t even use), then my Twitter page. When I clicked images 9 or so images came up and none of them were images of me or, to my knowledge, had anything to do with me. I also tried doing a search that included my middle name and even less turned up. I guess this could be a relief knowing that if future employers try and google me nothing too crazy will pop up. Still I wish I could report back with a little more interesting experience than I have shared today.

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