Googlin’ Around

So, as you may know by now we are googling ourselves this week. And that’s what I did…

I am pleased to say not too much about me is out there, or at least surfacing on Google…The first thing that came up for me was two identical links to my Twitter account, just in case you didn’t see the first one or something. This is okay with me. I’m pretty careful not to say or post anything I wouldn’t want employers and what not seeing- I’m not perfect and swear words may work their way into my tweets occasionally. Next you find a link to my Facebook page, where you can see my profile picture and interests, but not my networks.Next were links to, under my name. Someone named Katherine Thibeau, married to an Edward Thibeau comes up on’t believe there is any relation. A few of my profile pictures came up under Google images.

The most interesting thing I found was a couple stories on my Aunt Mary Katherine, who passed away in 2004, and now has a scholarship in her name. It was always nice to remember her. I did find an electronic copy of her Minnesota Education license, with the dates of application and renewal. I was surprised that this was out there, just one click away.

Overall, googling my myself was entertaining, but not surprising. I’m glad my identity is relatively private through a Google search. I think privacy online is important and I wouldn’t want anything like my address or phone number popping up to threaten my safety.

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