Googling Myself

Well, today I searched myself on Google and was happy to find that the first link was my Linkdin Account. If any professionals google search my name, it is relieving to know that they can just click on the first link on Google to see my profile and resume on Linkdin. The second link was twitter and the following links were links to artworks that I have posted on a blog I created during the summer to upload my artwork for a graphic design class I took. Although I was happy to see that my work was being broadcasted, I am not satisfied about some of the art pieces that I did this past summer, so now that I know that the whole world can see them, I will be making that blog private. I also found my personal homepage website to be the 9th link on Google. I am hoping that with an increase in networking with others, my homepage will  move up to be the in the top 5 links of mine. I feel that many individuals who are searching for somebody quickly, won’t look further than the first few links of Google if they’re trying to find something quick. As for other links regarding my name,  it was interesting to see others that have the same last name as myself. Page 2 had a few random links, such as one to the “Alster Hotel,” located in Hamburg, Germany, and a few links to other people with the last name of Alster from all over Europe. Through the internet, I can find so many people with the same last name from all over the world, which creates this new  familiarity and commonality for me with others I’d never knew I find a commonality with!

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