Googling myself–not the real me.

I have to say I have definitely googled myself before.  I have actually googled my entire family.  I’m not quite sure what compelled me to do this, but I did and I happen to find it really interesting.  Well, I find it interesting what comes up for the rest of my family–not so much for me.

When you google “Michelle Kresch” the first thing that comes up is a “mylife” profile, for someone who is not me.  This other Michelle Kresch is 39, and from Austin, Texas.  The following thing is another “mylife” profile of another Michelle Kresch who is not me.  This Michelle is 43 from Glen Saint Mary, Florida.

After these two Michelle Kresch’s on google, the real me starts to pop up.  The first thing is my Google+ profile.  This is unsurprising because I am obviously Googling myself–so Google+ would be high up on the list.  The following is an article written about my friend and I starting our own baking business in a local newspaper from my hometown.  Then follows my Twitter page, and after that a lot of not-me links pop up again.

Maybe these other Michelle Kresch’s “mylife” profiles are higher up on the Google search because google is trying to promote the site.  I am fairly satisfied with what comes up on Google about me–nothing to embarrassing is a good thing!

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