Support Groups– ruff ruff

So since I just posted about google I thought that I would just kill two birds with one stone post about my progress for my practicum project. Just a reminder my topic was support groups and I was interested in focusing how online forums, like support groups, really can become a virtual community. Again, I am now in a “loss of a pet” support group. Today I posted a funny story about one of my old dogs—it was about how once I was letting him out to go to the bathroom and he ran into my neighbors house and ate pancakes off their kitchen table (I went into more detail for my group). So it was basically just a funny story I thought off and everyone really loved it and was super touch. I had three people actually say that the story made their day…kind of cool when I think about it. Anyway just thought I would share about this experience today.

2 Comments on “Support Groups– ruff ruff”

  1. ashglowinski says:

    That’s cool that your fellow support group members enjoyed the story 🙂 I actually just joined a support group after your group presented and I really feel like it is an online community. It is so nice to read other people’s stories and to know that their are other people out their going through the same things. I liked that I could remain anonymous and log on anytime that I needed an uplift. I feel like it is a safe space and that everyone is respectful of one another. The one I joined also has an active chat room. If you see that there are a few people there you can drop in and say hello. I think online support groups are a really powerful thing, and I hope you continue to enjoy yours 🙂

  2. ashglowinski says:

    Dang it! Just wanted to correct myself on my incorrect use of their. I usually don’t do that…I totally meant “is so nice to read other people’s stories and to know that THERE are other people out THERE going through the same things.” Haha. That is all 🙂

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