Blog 5

With this blog posting, we were asked to write a response in relation to our personal experience with copyright and internet regulation. I can say with complete confidence that I rarely notice these things or pay sort of attention to them on webpages, and the only thing I’ve done that for sure has violated some sort of  internet law is the illegal download of music. While I know and understand the reasons behind this protocol, it hasn’t weighed too heavily on my conscience due to the sheer number of people who do it. Becoming a part of the majority isn’t necessarily right, and upon maturing in age and wisdom I have strayed from LimeWire, Mediafire, and the various other illegal sources from which I used to receive my music. Perhaps in the future I will notice violations of the internet “code” more often, as we will be discussing them in class and I’m sure they are very prevalent amid the internet, but as of now, I am for the most part oblivious.

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