Google Yourself

I haven’t searched for myself on Google in a good while so I didn’t know exactly what I was going to find. Searching “mike coakley” on the web tab of Google gave me two links to the social networking site Linkedin. I do not have an account but apparently 25 other professional Mike Coakley’s do. My Facebook profile link was the next link. The other results were about a few lawyers, a life insurance salesman, and the link that got my most attention was an article that had the tagline “How do you find a casket on short notice? For Mike Coakley, nothing to it.” Obviously I clicked on the article. It was not as morbid as I thought it might be, just a story about a longtime Philadelphia newsman who had recently died. The article recalled some sort of skit he put on at the office to send off a colleague. Definitely not what I was expecting.

The image search does show my Facebook profile picture about the 3rd row down and my uncle (Mike Coakley) is the 2nd image. The video search features a Mike Coakley who is apparently a singer in an Irish band. I have linked his beautiful rendition of Danny Boy. Enjoy:

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