Youtube Vs. Hulu

For my Youtube and Hulu exploration, I decided to use the same video clip to best compare and contrast the two websites – an SNL clip addressing the recent Kardashian divorce scandal. First, I watched it on Hulu. Before the clip started, there was a brief advertisement that lasted around 5 seconds. The resolution of the video and sound quality were phenomenal, with a proper fade in at the beginning and fade out at the end. At the end there was an advertisement for SNL, followed by a list of recommended videos. In a short period of time it then automatically transported me to a new clip.

For Youtube, there was no wait in the beginning – I was brought directly to the video clip. I’m not sure if this is a new thing, because there used to be advertisements on YouTube, but for me, this time at least, there wasn’t one. The video clip was clearly taken from another source, like secondhand off the television, and the sound and image quality were less than impressive. There was a list of recommendations at the end, like with Hulu, but it leaves it on this screen until the viewer decides to take some sort of action.

The main difference between these websites has to do with quality and the use of advertisements. Hulu looks much more professional and legitamate, but takes longer to get to the content you wish to view. Youtube is quick and easy, but the image and sound tend to fall short.

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