Googling myself…

After discussing privacy issues that exist within the internet, I was actually nervous to Google myself. I feared that something would come up about myself that I didn’t want to be public knowledge. When I googled my name, links to “Taylor Brickman’s” Facebook page came up, but none of the “Taylor Brickmans” were infact me. It made me feel better to know that I had set my Facebook privacy settings correctly. After the Facebook pages came a link for my personal twitter page, however, my twitter is set to “private”, meaning that if someone wants to look at my tweets, I need to approve their access to my twitter account. I also found an account I created on I was bored one day in 2002 and added myself as a graduate of my junior high to the site. Further down the google searches, I found myself in a listing as a counselor for my overnight camp.

MAJORITY of the links that pop up in a “Taylor Brickman” google search are not related to me. It was very interesting, however, to discover that there is a company called “Taylor Brickman Limited” in London, although I could not figure out what kind of company it is (I would love to get a t-shirt with that logo on the front). All Facebook and Myspace accounts that popped up were not mine. I am relieved that I am able to have some form of privacy on the internet…

With that being said– I have noticed that people who I do not know on Facebook are able to see and comment on photographs that I upload to Facebook. Recently, my sister got engaged, and so many people have commented on my photos of her engagement night who I do not personally know, which totally creeps me out! I can’t figure out how to stop my pictures from beings available to anyone on Facebook.

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