Flickr: Practicum #6

I have been taking pictures with the intent to post them to Flickr.  This past weekend, I had a friend visit and we walked to Picnic Point, taking lots of pictures along the way that I uploaded onto my Flickr page.  Another new update is that I didn’t log on for about a week, and then when I logged on I had all of these requests to follow my account from people I knew.  It was really cool, because it proved that people were looking at my pictures and wanting to follow my photography.  I haven’t received any comments yet, but I’m hoping to soon.  I went through the accounts that I am following, and made some comments on pictures I really liked.  Part of this assignment is to communicate with people in a media-based social networking way, so I figured I would start my adding my own personal comments.  Hopefully people will respond and let me know what they think of my pictures, too.  Some of the questions I asked were in regard to style, place, and focus, and other comments were just if I thought a picture was pretty, cool, or professional.  I asked where pictures had been taken, what lens was used, and if there was any Macro settings or lighting changes.  This was really interesting to me, and I will keep an eye out over the next few weeks to see if people respond to my comments and feedback.

One Comment on “Flickr: Practicum #6”

  1. ashglowinski says:

    I recently checked out Flickr for a research project I am doing for another class. I am researching the year 1905 and I found some awesome images on Flickr. I might get an account because I enjoy photography and this seems so useful to look at what other people are doing and to get feedback on your own shots. I also love the wide variety of images available. It was a very valuable research tool. I hope you get some great comments!

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