Googling Myself

This post is a little late because I’ve had the flu, but I did Google myself over the past week. I didn’t find myself, but I did find a couple other interesting people with the same name. The first result was another woman’s Facebook profile, who had mostly private information. However she was willing to show the public her interest in Sex and the City, stoolball (?), and walking the dogs. Another Anne Leahy was a freelance writer and sign language interpreter. There is a more famous Anne Leahy that is an ambassador to the Holy See, which I found to be the most interesting. Coincidentally, another Anne Leahy produced a documentary called Peter Jennings Reporting: The Search For Jesus (2000)...which is also ironic since I don’t consider myself religious.

I never did find myself, but I am glad that other women occupy the top searches of my exact name; like most people, I already receive a lot of strangers’ Facebook requests which always weirds me out. I’m content in remaining anonymous to most wandering Google-rs looking for information on the ambassador to the Holy See.


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