copyrighting and other regulations

When I experience content online, I hardly notice the copyrighting and regulations that come along with that content. For the most part, I “accept” the terms of agreement for all sites without actually reading the terms, which I can safely assume is what everyone else does as well. I buy most of my music legally (mostly due to the fact that I don’t know how to illegally download free music to my computer and am too scared of opening a corrupt file). However, I watch a LOT of TV online. Many of the sites I use to watch certain TV shows are not legal distributors of the content. However, I do not care that the site I am on is illegal if it has the content that I am looking for. As far as content I personally produce on the internet, I honestly have not put much thought into regulation. I often re-post blogs or videos that I find entertaining or amusing to share with my friends on Facebook or Twitter; I have never thought about someone copying the content I produce online, but it now makes me want to think twice before I post something on the internet.

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