I think I experience content online in a pretty normal way. Most of the time when I am entering a website, I will just click “agree” to the terms and service without actually looking at what I am agreeing to. I often just assume that I wont be breaking any rules, such as stealing content, so I will just accept without knowing my fate. However, I understand why the regulations are there. I think many people, especially with sites like youtube, will create video clips or post videos that are taken from other websites. I understand how this is breaking regulations because it is taking someone else’s content. I do believe though that the web creators are aware of this, as many videos on youtube have messages that say they had to be taken down because of copyright infringement.

The only time I am every using other people’s content is for school purposes. If I am making a slideshow or showing the class a video, I will always site the source. I would never take information or content from a website without acknowledging that it isn’t my direct creation. I think it is important for websites to have these rules and regulations because it gives protections to the creator. The Internet is a tricky thing because anyone can just take something and claim it as their own to a selected audience. It is like going into a store and claiming that a CD is yours, and walking out without paying for it, however, it is a lot more easy to get away stealing with on the Internet.  It is important to control these situations because people are stealing ownership over content that just isn’t theirs.

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