I’m okay with being illegal

I have to say I am a lot like everyone else in this department.  When I am entering a site I do not pay attention to “terms and agreements” and I usually just click “accept” to get where I want to be faster.  I understand this clearly defeats the purpose of “terms and agreements” because after clicking “I accept” people then go ahead and abuse the internet.  I do not exploit the internet in any way, for the most part.

It has become a large part of our culture to “steal” things off of the internet.  Regretfully, I have to admit I do this A LOT.  On MOJO  I’m taking peoples music while I’m in the library and we’re on the same network.  While at my internship this past summer, I spent a large part of my time illegally downloading Final Cut Pro and Microsoft Office 2011 (I don’t know if I should really be putting this stuff in writing).

Although I do illegally take these things from various sites, I would never call them my own product or sell them somewhere else.  When you have to write a paper and you use outside information, you have to cite your source, otherwise you are plagiarizing.  My downloads are not plagiarism because I clearly know I do not have the technology or the mental capacity to create a program like Final Cut Pro–I just didn’t exactly pay for it.

I think it is also interesting to note that we are so willing to give our information out to various sites (like when a website will ask you to “connect to facebook”).  A friend of mine sent me this link that is pretty creepy.. but it does make a commentary on the fact that you should not hand out your personal information and have it so readily available for anyone to see.


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