Practicum #5

Apparently in order to make it ahead in World of Warcraft, a lot of time must be consumed wandering and figuring out things for yourself. I’ve spent what seems like an eternity trying to figure out how to get up to the next level and leave my homeland, but haven’t made it much further in terms of my game status since my last practicum post. I’ve done a lot of exploring, trying to find new lands and straying from the ever-amounting tasks you seem to accumulate in this game. I’ve tried to interact with people, but haven’t gotten anything that I would consider a response – I don’t know if this means these avatars were idle or actually just computer players. Either way, I’m starting to feel like I’m the only actual human in this world.

I participated in a multiplayer “raid,” or more so, I just joined in when I saw a bunch of people killing sea monsters. I kept asking what was going on, trying to gain some insight into what was happening around me, but my efforts were to no avail. Everyone seemed engrossed in the battle, but even after we had finished, no one seemed to want to help keep me up to speed. I’m going to try more in the way of socializing the next time I log in, and hopefully will be more successful in my attempts.

One Comment on “Practicum #5”

  1. Just a quick comment about World or War Craft. I have never played before or really know what it is other than reading about your practicum project but a girl that I worked with has a professor that apparently said he will give anyone in his class extra credit who is able to find him on it… haha I just thought that was kind of funny and really random.

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